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'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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DIY Pizza Night success! [Thursday 11th June 2015 at 9:15 pm]

[Playing |Moby - The Perfect Life]

DIY Pizza Night success!

Last Saturday, Beth and Jonners came down from Horsham to visit - they spent the day exploring Portsmouth Dockyard (don't let the museum aspect fool you - it's a real naval base, guarded by real armed police), before arriving at my flat to become guinea pigs for the upcoming DIY Pizza Night (to go along with the regular Pasta Night that they host). The trial was a success, with much pizza followed by the craziness that is Mario Kart 8, wherein we discovered that the Baby Park course contains crazy amounts of item spam and the new 200cc mode is completely mental.

Then on Sunday, after they explored the Spinnaker Tower (having spent the night in a B&B in Fareham) we met up again to have lunch and potter round Fort Nelson. It turns out that despite what the website says they do actually run events on the weekend - not only was there the usual gun firing, but they also had a small unit of Roman legionnaires and auxiliaries!

They marched in...

...marched around...

...stood still...

...drilled at swords, staves and spears...

...charged the crowd (as one does)...

...and then let loose with the catapult...

...up and over the ramparts.

Finally, in the afternoon we made our way down to the Gosport Teamsport karting track, which I've not tried before despite living only a few minutes away. The track is another disused warehouse, though it's more comfortable than the Brighton track and felt faster as well - you can take the entire upper section at full throttle, from the corner before the up ramp to after the bottom of the down ramp.

As it happened Jonners and I had the track to ourselves, and so could put lots of laps in without being interrupted by traffic or yellow flags. We ended up with only half a second between us per lap - about 31.5 for me, and a shade under 31.0 for him. In the first session he gradually disappeared off into the distance (though in the 15 minutes we had he didn't manage to reach me to lap me), while second time round I left the pits first and managed to hold him off for a good 5 minutes or so, before losing it under braking at the corner after the bridge. This does seem to be a theme of our karting - I'll successfully keep him behind until I slip up, at which point he sails past. I remember pleaseremove's comment from the first time I went karting at Crawley, that while I don't go as fast as him I'm hard to overtake as I sit bang on the racing line. Presumably that means the F1 driver I'm most like is Trulli (of the Trulli Train)!
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