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Overdue photos

Crikey, I know Eurovision contains vast amounts of tacky pop, but genuinely terrible performances are new. You know it's bad when the resident snarkmeister (Graham Norton this year) apologises for it. Bring back the trolls!

Anyway, I owe you all some photos, don't I? I have been taking them (off and on), but generally got distracted by other things before posting them.

Sunday 17th May

Last weekend I was up in Horsham for somewhat delayed Easter/birthday karting and pizza, which went rather well - Jonners easily beat me at the karting, but I improved by a fair bit between the two sessions and managed to tail him for a lap or so before discovering traffic (in the form of a very slow karter, happily trundling around at their own pace).

But that's not what the photo is about - instead, it's of back in Fareham on the Sunday, after a surprisingly quick drive from Horsham (Bing says 1 hour 11 minutes for the Bury Hill route, I did it in 1 hour 10). 'Twas a wonderfully sunny evening, perfect for sitting out on the balcony with a cool beer...

...facing across the creek, while being warmed by the evening sun.

Monday 18th May

Today's photos are from a small field, hidden on the edge of Fareham behind Lysses' car park. While there's an obvious track across the grass...

...leading to a shortcut behind the NatWest offices, I've never seen anyone else here.

The setting sun, trees and clouds were just right for dramatic and not-so-dramatic landscape and sky photos...

Tuesday 19th May


The hail started not 5 minutes after I got back to my flat, so good timing on my part. Despite the sun I didn't spot a rainbow this time.

Thursday 21st May

Random photo today - I happened to spot that the odometer hit exactly 52000 miles as I finished the evening commute. That makes a little over 3000 miles of driving I've done since passing my test and getting the Alfa.

Okay, Sweden have partially redeemed Eurovision with a neat bit of video FX for their song. Shame about the sound mixing at the start of it though.
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