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Triforce meme!

It's been far too long since the last time I posted the results of a random quiz...

Your result for The TRIFORCE Test...


Hmmm... It seems you are a mix of two things. You're a little bit of both. A delightful cocktail of two pieces of the triforce. Here are both descriptions for your enjoyment.

You're that kind of person who is always handing in their homework on time and tend to like to observe and learn new things. In the world of Hyrule however, you are the wise sage who helps the hero along on their journey. You might be Zelda, Nyru, or one of those creepy fairy fountain women. You have all the spells and know all the legends, and tend to be captured a lot. Have fun hanging out in those old Hyrulian libraries and make sure to watch your back. The hero might not always be there to protect you from any evil that might want to use your knowledge for bad.

There's probably a statue of you in the center of town in memory of some daring rescue of yours. You are either the hero or one of the brave who help the hero fight against whatever happens to be attacking Hyrule at the moment. You won't take any sort of injustice or evil sitting down. Actually, you're right up their in the problems face with your legendary sword taking it down! Hurray for you! You're courageous! Just try to be careful so you won't end up dying an early death

Take The TRIFORCE Test at HelloQuizzy

For the curious, I ended up scoring 53% Courage, 60% Wisdom and 7% Power. Courage and Wisdom for the win!
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