Thomas (boggyb) wrote,

May car check

Car check time! I did this yesterday in a bit of spare time while waiting for my lunch to cook.

Nothing to report, really - the main tyres were all bang on for pressure, the spare was down .05 bar which I decided wasn't worth the hassle of digging out the compressor. The new pressure gauge makes this check a lot quicker! I also checked the tread depth while I was at it, which worked out at around 6mm left (give or take a bit). That's still plenty of tread, as the UK legal requirement is 1.6mm (not that I intend to let the tyres get that low before replacing them, especially given the sort of weather I end up driving in).

It also doesn't seem to have used up any oil over the past month, though that may be down to the low mileage - since the last post, I've only done 239.3 miles. That said today's driving will have blown all the cobwebs out of the engine and probably evaporated away any petrol contamination in the oil, so it may well need topping up again at the end of the month. I've noticed that it seems to alternate month-by-month between drinking a bit oil and hardly sipping it.
Tags: driving

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