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From a call with pleaseremove just now, talking about overcomplicated email filters:

boggyb: I might have a copy of the email filter script I used at university...
* boggyb searches
boggyb: Hmm, I didn't find it, but I did find a chat log where I sent it to you in November 2005. It says I sent it from "C:\Temp\Mail filter.txt", I wonder if it's still there...
* boggyb searches some more
boggyb: Nope, can't find it. Probably got lost in one of the OS reinstalls/upgrades.
boggyb: Have you still got your MSN Messenger received files folder?
pleaseremove: Yes
boggyb: Ok, look in there for "Mail filter.txt"
pleaseremove: Found it!
boggyb: Cool!
boggyb: Would you mind sending it to me?
* pleaseremove collapses with laughter
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