Thomas (boggyb) wrote,

  • Music: fail

Okay, so claims that to comment on someone's blog with my normal email address I need to provide a password because it's associated with an account I'm not logged in as... then after playing "which password did I use" and eventually going for a password reset decides that actually that email address isn't in their system.

Then when I try a different email address of mine it does let me reset the password... and then on the new password page shows the letters I type for the new password. Good job I'm at home, and not, say, in a cafe or at work or somewhere where anyone else can see my computer screen, because the entire point of a password is you don't display it.


Oh, and once I'm logged in with my other address, it now lets me comment with the first one. Or possibly not - the comment seems to have disappeared into with no indication as to whether or not it's stuck in a moderation queue or just been eaten by the Internet.

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