Thomas (boggyb) wrote,

Bug snowball!

Today's bugfixing started off with looking at one bug and thinking "well, I can add a bunch of debug to make it easier to work out what's going on with this". That uncovered a second unrelated bug when checking that my debug was actually working. Then I thought about things and realised that this chunk of code could be much better, and raised a third bug (actually, a master bug and four subtasks). Finally I took one of the subtasks, started work on improving things, and decided that the best way of checking my changes hadn't broken anything was to unit test them. So I started writing unit tests only to discover that the code I was modifying was already broken, and raised a fourth bug.

Then I wondered if our iOS implementation was correct, checked that, and raised a fifth bug.

Sigh. Ah well, it just means that tomorrow I get to fix them all (and hopefully not uncover any more bugs...)
Tags: work

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