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CPU transplant time!

Well, I've just done the CPU transplant on the frankenlaptop and the results are in!

First off, overall system performance. For this I used PassMark PerformanceTest 8 as it's the benchmark behind the numbers site that pleaseremove keeps on referring to. With the original Pentium M Banias 1.6GHz processor, Aether scored a PassMark of 245.5. After switching to the Pentium M Dothan 1.5GHz - remember, although this has a slower clock speed it's a more recent model - the new PassMark was 248.5.

Which means more-or-less that the two processors are equal in performance. Taking clock speed into account the Dothan core is about 8% faster, which fits with what the Internets suggest. Interestingly digging into the numbers by far the biggest impact was with memory performance where the Dothan is on average 15% faster, and in some cases twice as fast - memory latency has halved.

I don't know what the impact on battery life will be, but hopefully it'll improve. The replacement processor both runs at a slightly lower clock speed, and is made on a smaller process (usually shrinking the process size reduces power consumption). Anyway, a replacement battery is the next item on the to-do list...
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