Thomas (boggyb) wrote,

Today's driving weirdness involved a motorbike struggling up Titchfield Hill much to the confusion of the drivers behind (normally motorbikes roar up the hill, and it's cyclists who struggle). Amusingly I passed him by the approach to Highlands, then he caught up a couple of miles later at the bottom of Gudge Heath Lane while I was stuck waiting for the lights.

Later on there was the predictable driver who doesn't believe in the 40mph bypass speed limit, the also predictable driver who followed me through what were for me marginal amber lights and so were probably red for him, and then the complete surprise of a numpty who suddenly charged across two lanes of traffic on the A27 forcing me to stamp on the brakes. Sigh. Strangely enough all the idiots were in Volvos today - normally it's the BMWs and the like that ignore speed limits and traffic lights.
Tags: driving
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