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Majora's Mask 3DS: en route to temple 1 get a complimentary wallet.
Does this mean the wallet compliments you?

Bomber's Secret Society of Justice member
Enough about laptop repairs for now - I promised that there would be Majora's Mask posts!

Wasn't the bank originally half-way up that curved street in West Clocktown? Now it's at the back of the clock tower.

For that matter, I'm sure that in the N64 version you had to pass the Bomber Secret Society's test twice - once as a Deku Scrub, and once as yourself - to get the Bomber's Notebook. In the 3DS one, the Happy Mask Salesman just gives it to you. I certainly don't remember seeing the above quote before!

Anyway, where did I leave things last time? Ah, killing time before time kills me in the form of an angry moon. In my case, I failed at the Deku Scrub playground, failed at the Treasure Chest minigame, and failed at the Postman's minigame. I know for the last one there's a mask which makes it easier by showing a timer (possibly the all-night mask?), and I have a vague recollection that one can cheat at the Treasure Chest game with the Lens of Truth (or is that in a different incarnation of the game?), but for the Deku Scrub playground I just need to practice at it.

Finally midnight on the third day arrived, the Clock Tower opened, and I could go and say "gimme my Ocarina back!" to the Skull Kid. This sequence I do remember, though I'd forgotten how creepy that scream of his is when he summons the moon.

I'd also forgotten how scary the Happy Mask Salesman is when, after resetting time and returning to the first day, you tell him that no, you haven't recovered his mask yet. I definitely need to do something about the Skull Kid - because, angry moon - but I'm not entirely sure giving Majora's Mask back to the Happy Mask Salesman is a good idea. It's a bit like that cutscene in Twilight Princess just after restoring the spirit of Lanayru with the three Dark Links, which made me pause and wonder just which side I was on.

Anyway, enough of that. Onwards to the swamp!
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