Thomas (boggyb) wrote,

The sky has not fallen! Awww.

That was all rather anti-climatic. By the time I went out at lunchtime the clouds had thinned and the snow was almost all gone. Shame, really, as I was hoping to go for a stroll and take some suitably snowy photos.

I wish I had had a camera set up in the car on the way to work though. Once I reached 35mph or so the snow stopped landing on the windscreen and instead was blown up and over the car, as if I was driving through a tunnel of snow. It did look quite epic as I was trundling along the bypass and up Titchfield Hill.

Hmm... my grandfather did give me a couple of non-slip car/gadget mats over Christmas. Perhaps if I put one on top of the dashboard and then sit the 3DS on top to use as a camera? My main worry with those is I'm not sure how well they'd grip with aggressive cornering (there's a sharp right-left one in particular where a road leaves a roundabout and then immediately turns back on itself), or if I had to stamp on the brakes. Maybe I could anchor the 3DS to something as well?
Tags: driving, snow, weather

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