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More random graffiti

Well here I am, sitting in a far corner of the uni library, with work to do and me not feeling much like doing it. So, in the time-honoured practice of procrastination, I'm doing random LJ stuff and reading the graffiti on the desks. There's some rather thoughtful bits of it, as this is a university after all. And there's the usual rubbish. So here's a sample of it, unedited and in all it's glory (or whatever):

Capatalism is the root of all evil.
But look at all the coll stuff you can buy!
And what is the root of all capatalism?
Good point, "we create what we dislike"
Hippies are the rot of my discontent

When God created the world she did not sit outside of it and contemplate. She entered into it and had fun. She is you, and you are her body, just like everyone else.
Sorry buddy - you got it all worng!

I find this all very offensive

I eat baby's
I bet I eat more babies than you
I eat more babies than a motherfucker

...Must not sleep, must tell every

Oi stop throwing all those bloody spears
Don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes

Fuck this, I'm gonna kill myself

I am so tired

All this will change
Deep guy
Very deep

Boring, boring...

Don't feel so insecure

"Life is what happens to you while you are busy maluing(?) others(?) plans" ~ John Lenon

This is a shithouse
Only coz wankers write on the desks

(doodle of a turd, labelled "turd")
How immature

Yeah, it's nice isn't it

These's more that I can't make out, and also various sex-related polls.

Edit: have to add this one:
Blacks are racist fuckers

Remember that none of this is my own, so don't flame me. Flame them instead (top floor of sussex library, desk at back on the right of the lightwell looking across the from the stairs).

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