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Metroid Prime 2 speedrun

Ahhh... watching speedruns of Metroid games is amusing. I have this wonderful mental image of the Space Pirates getting increasing annoyed as Samus just charges straight through their base without paying any attention to them, until they get the idea of locking the doors at which point she swats them with barely a pause...

Space Pirates: *teleport in*
Space Pirates theme music: *starts playing*
Samus: lol, power bomb
Space Pirates: the light, it burns!
Space Pirates theme music: *abruptly cut off*

Speedruns are also very good for discovering how to beat the more annoying bosses (such as that dratted Boost Guardian from Prime 2). Except when you discover that the way the speedrunner has chosen to defeat the boss is by sequence breaking. Like on that Boost Guardian - again, you're not supposed to have power bombs at this point.
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