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Mad Christmas preparation

Let's see... most presents have been bought, but not all (Brighton, where I do my usual shopping, was somewhat disappointing this year). I've still got a few days though, so as long as I'm sorted by Christmas Eve I'm happy (yes, I have done Christmas shopping on the 24th before!).

The cards that need posting (and that I remembered to do) have now finally been posted, just in time for the last posting date. Except for the ones for rustica, crazyscot and omgimsuchadork - I've epically failed at the last international posting date, so your cards will likely arrive next year. This just means you get an extra-long Christmas :)

Oh, and the tree went up a few days ago along with most of the decorations. Except for the chocolates which still need hanging. It's not a proper tree without chocolates to eat over the twelve days.

Still to do: get the last few presents, wrap them all, write some more cards to deliver in-person, and sort out what I'm taking to Horsham. Plus have a go at repairing the laptop if I get a chance.

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