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Today's bonkers packaging award winner is...

And the winner of today's bonkers packaging award is Scan, who appear to be trying to outdo HP with insane amounts of packaging.

I order one of two parts for a laptop upgrade (there'll be a future post when the other part arrives) from them. It's an adapter that's 10cm by 70cm and under 1cm thick, so I was expecting to receive a small jiffy bag or similar (and indeed I considered just getting it posted to my flat as it should fit through a letterbox). Instead I got a box about 22cm by 16cm and nearly 5cm thick... wrapped up in half-a-dozen or so layers of thick bubblewrap.

When I came back from lunch to find that behemoth on my desk, I was actually rather puzzled as to what on earth Scan had shipped me that came in a bundle that large!

I'm now glad I didn't order the other part from them. At 5cm by 3cm and only a few mm thick, it'd have probably come strapped to its own shipping pallet if HP is anything to go by.
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