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Unfortunately it looks like the graphics card has definitely failed - certainly it showed exactly the same symptoms when I powered Nyx up earlier. And I don't have any spare PCI-E cards. I've got loads of old AGP cards (Achilles/Hector started life with a nVidia Vanta, and over the years was upgraded many times until eventually ending up with an overclocked nVidia GeForce 4 Ti4600), but the motherboard in Nyx doesn't have an AGP slot. And my cunning plan of taking an old ATi Rage Pro PCI card turned out to be not-so-cunning after all - that card isn't even detected by Windows.

Of course, having taken the 8800GT out and half-dismantled it I now can't get into the BIOS on Nyx to see if there's any relevant settings there.

As to why I've dismantled it... well, the internets has suggested a potential fix involving an oven, some tinfoil, careful timing, a bit of isopropyl alcohol (I'm using a bottle of lens cleaner) and a tube of thermal compound (I'll probably get Artic Silver 5, for no reason other than a vague recollection of using some many years ago in a processor upgrade for Achilles). The physics behind the fix makes sense, and given that the card is out of warranty I may as well have a go.
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