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5 questions meme

5 questions meme! Comment on this post and I'll give you five questions!

Found via 13th_einherjar, who gave me a set of questions some 4 years ago. Um. I claim that I was saving them for a rainy day, and it is indeed raining outside!

Anyway, the questions:

1) What of your dreams remain from childhood, and what are they?
Well, Ze Grand Master Plan is still in about the same state it's been since leaving university. The "work for a year or two" stage has ballooned into seven years and counting, but I still want to do a Masters and PhD one day and admittedly it is looking a lot more practical now than it did straight after university.

There's the other part as well, which is that I'd really love to live in Cornwall. As with university, that step appears to be permanently somewhere off in the distance, but again it's become more possible as an idea over the years. Who knows, maybe I'll stumble into some opportunity in the south west that combines both plans.

2) What brings you to work with technology?
I've always liked tinkering with computers and electronics, and I suppose it just grew from there. There's something about being able to make computers actually do what I want, rather than just relying on whatever someone else has happened to come up with. The same goes with electronics - I find it fun to combine different parts together to actually achieve something, for example the Gameboy Printer emulator I made out of a hacked Bus Pirate.

I've still not got round to getting a Raspberry Pi though. One of these days...

3) Black or white (symbolic interpretations left to the reader)?

4) Politics?
Well, the parties are all populated by idiots who live in their own little worlds, but the Lib Dems seem to be slightly less idiotic than the rest. The Tories as well have some vague actual concept of what reality is like. Labour though still can't make their mind up if they are friends with the unions or not, and UKIP is unfortunately full of closest racist fruitcake loonies.

The Monster Raving Loony Party never seem to have any candidates round here, which is a shame. They've been surprisingly prophetic with their manifestos.

5) What television do you watch (if any)?
Actually quite a bit these days. Current shows include Doctor Who, The Apprentice, Atlantis, Strictly Come Dancing, Have I Got News For You, and the morning BBC News. Plus there's Midsomer Murders whenever there's a new episode on. I've also got a backlog of Once Upon A Time and Merlin to finish watching (good for long train journeys - though since getting the Alfa, there's been a lot less of those).
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