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Right, now where do I go?

Well, that was an interesting drive back from Horsham.

allegramente had mentioned that a teeny tiny trickle of a stream under the Guildford Road had become not-so-tiny and flooded the road. Okay, so I can go via Greenway and Rusham's Road instead. Next was half-way along the Bishopric where I dodged a small fountain in the middle of the road (bearing in mind pleaseremove's advice that there may no longer be a cover over whatever manhole had flooded), before heading round past Sainsbury's and out along Worthing Road (I go this way to avoid major road works on the A24 bypass which have eaten most of the sliproad there). I got most of the way out of Horsham and past the turn-off for Christ's Hospital... to discover a Road Closed sign paired with Police Accident. Hmm. So, double back and go... um... now where?

I settled for heading out via North Parade and Warnham Road - which meant I then had to go through the 40mph road works I was trying to avoid. For added fun I then ended up playing a sort of inverse chicken with someone merging off the Broadbridge Heath roundabout (I lift off to let him out as he's ahead and it's clear in front, he's not going as fast as I thought so I slow down some more, he slows right down...). That done I finally manage to escape Horsham and head off on my way home.

The rest of the drive went rather well - all the madness seemed to have been concentrated around Horsham, and while the Long Furlong is hard work on a wet night it's made up for by the A27 which is a very nice road to drive. Except for Arundel where the dual carriageway just ends at half a roundabout, and Chichester which has far too many roundabouts - that said, 8pm on a Sunday turns out to be a nice time as the usual queues have evaporated.

Of course, I then got back to my flat to discover that the tenants of the other building had plonked their wheelie bins in front of the entrance to the car park, much to the surprise of both me and the person who followed me down that side road. I resisted the temptation to play Alfa Romeo/wheelie bin bowling :)
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