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Today's drivetime fun

Today's drivetime fun was a pair of unexpectedly long queues. First was on the A27 outside work which normally is shorter, though that said it was flowing quite well (apart from the mess caused when people zip past and then all try to merge in at once).

Then there was the second one also on the A27, this time on the second approach to the crazyabout. This one is always long and slow because of everyone trying to go to Gosport and getting caught in whatever it is they're doing to Newgate Lane, but today was worse because of a accident half-blocking one lane (the cars looked mostly intact so probably more of a bump than anything serious). For added fun this backed up all the way down the sliproad and onto the roundabout, and apparently a yellow box area on a roundabout means "traffic entering can block traffic on the roundabout waiting for the box to clear".

I have noticed a general trend of drivers deciding that yellow boxes apply to other people. I try not to do this and actually do you're supposed to do, which is not enter unless your exit is clear (you can enter if you're turning right and are only blocked by oncoming traffic). This isn't always easy to do - there's one junction I go through where the exit is round a corner and so you can't actually see if it's clear until you're in the yellow box.

Anyway, today I was smart and so did not do what I may have done before (which I am totally not admitting to ) and try to hold the Alfa on the hill using the clutch, and did not then spend the next ten minutes using the clutch to crawl forwards following someone going verrry slowly (apparently while riding the brakes - and no, it's not downhill enough to creep forwards on gravity alone) until suddenly realising that I had very little useful travel on the clutch pedal and so stalling trying to get over the kerb for my flat's carpark (total stall count in the MiTo: probably 9, though something like 6 of those were during the very first evening commute and so I claim they don't count). Nope, today I was good and used the handbrake and hill holder, and sat still rather than trying to match too-slow traffic in front.
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