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This evening commute's scores

This evening commute's scores:

Drivers who absolutely have to be in front, speed limits be damned: 2
Drivers who objected to me not going as fast as they want: 1
Motorcyclists who objected to me not going as fast as they want: 1
Kamikaze cyclists: 3
Kamikaze drivers: 2

The drive home took twice as long as it normally does, due to someone doing something inadvisable on the Segensworth Roundabout meaning it took over quarter of an hour just to escape from the industrial estate. I'm not sure what it was they did - all I saw were flashing blue and red lights reflected in the cars on the far side of the roundabout (BBC Travel says "accident" - hopefully everyone's ok).

A side-effect of what this did to the traffic flow (everyone was blocked trying to get to the M27) meant that my exit was completely clear... right up until I discovered a set of drivers doing a u-turn across the wide hatchings in the middle of the road to escape their queue ("hmm he's turning right better lift off wait no he's stopping brake oh now he's clear").

Then there was the approach to the holiday inn roundabout with a cyclist without any lights weaving his way to somewhere through the slow traffic. Next the hill down to Titchfield with another cyclist (with a tandem bike - or was it two cyclists?), who decided to suddenly cross the road in front of me ("wtfBRAKE"). And finally the hill the other side, with another light-less cyclist heading up it - and level with a better-behaved cyclist who not only had lights, but was also on the path next to the road.

Sigh. Still, it's not all bad:

Well-behaved cyclists: 2
Drivers who kindly let me in front: 3
Today's NaBloPoMo post: achieved!
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