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Driving craziness all round

Y'know, I could probably fill the rest of NaBloPoMo just by blogging about whatever silliness I encounter on the roads each day. Today's clown was someone who sat very close on my back left quarter while I was going right at a roundabout, only appearing after I'd signalled left to take the next exit. Then at the next roundabout I followed the curve of it round to take the exit straight ahead, only to find that they'd snuck up on my right (fortunately they then continued round - I was half expecting them to charge past and take my exit)! I'm not sure where they got the impression that the roundabout was actually designed for two cars side-by-side as all entrances and exits on that one are only single lanes.

Then there's the SUV (it always seems to be a SUV) that made a last-minute decision that the lane I was in was the better lane for a set of lights and so changed lane right in front of me just as we reached the queueing traffic. I suppose it is actually the better lane if you're following the main road, as the other one just gets stuck in a queue on the roundabout itself. This is one of those things where local knowledge (or forward planning using Street View) helps as then you know well in advance where to be - for example, after a few trips to Horsham and back I now know exactly which lane to be in the M27 to sail through all the junctions around Portsmouth without getting caught up with filter lanes (inconvenient) or the M275 merger (downright evil).

Oh, and as proof that it's not just some drivers but all of 'em that're up to craziness, there's me trying to enter a roundabout from almost-stationary, in 2nd gear. While going uphill. Yeah, not quite enough torque for that to work well in this car... that said, I did make it without stalling (which would have been most unpleasant on the middle of a roundabout).
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