Thomas (boggyb) wrote,

Roundabouts and merging

No underwater roads today, just plenty of drivers who absolutely have to be first in any queue. You know the ones - they race past a queue of traffic, then force their way in when the two lanes merge. There's a pair of roundabouts where two lanes exit, but are quickly shrunk back down to one. I'm not entirely sure why as the road's wide enough for both lanes to continue - and in at least one case, they probably did originally (the space is marked off with hatchings).

I wonder if it'd make more sense to just turn the exit from the roundabout into a single lane? Certainly in both cases traffic queues almost immediately after the roundabout exit, but then starts flowing nicely once the two lanes have merged together. I suppose the downside is that the roundabouts are large enough that you'd have people racing each other to make the exit. That's something I have to watch out for on one roundabout in the morning - checking that nobody's snuck up my inside to try and take the exit I'm signalling for. Or in another case, making sure that nobody's snuck up my inside to not take the left-hand lane of the exit I'm aiming for the right-hand lane of...
Tags: driving, nablopomo

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