Thomas (boggyb) wrote,

Legend mode: complete!

Well, I've now completed legend mode in Hyrule Warriors.

Playing the final battle as Zelda did interesting things to the story, as the loss criteria for the scenario became "protect Ruto". Seriously? Not to mention that later on Ruto then gave me the light arrows - which Zelda normally hands out. I think the designers rather assumed that I'd be playing as Link and so allowing Zelda to step into the leader role. In any case it was good to have Zelda bash Ganon for a change, especially as my allies decided to head back towards incompetence - "I'll defeat the Aeralfos" followed soon by "Help!" as they discover that dragons are unsurprisingly hard enemies if you don't have the right weapon. Sigh. You just can't get decent AI's these days.

Anyway, on with Adventure Mode!
Tags: nablopomo, zelda

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