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As I've mentioned before, earlier this year I subscribed to Not Another Bill (because who doesn't like receiving random presents through the post?). This months present has just arrived... and inside were a rather nice pair of knitted fingerless gloves.

Funnily enough, only the other day I was thinking that what with the current cold weather I could do with finding some gloves - I've got a pair buried somewhere in this flat. They'd be especially nice for driving to/from work as it takes a while for the inside of the car to warm up.

That makes quite a few presents from Not Another Bill which have turned out to be genuinely useful. So far I'm using the chopping board (which arrived just as I was thinking I should buy a new one), a leather key protector, and a frameless picture frame (currently with a Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D poster) that puts me in mind of a Japanese scroll holder. Plus there's the geometric mobile hanging from the living room light, and the brass ruler and clips (which curiously came in a foil pouch). That said, not everything's being used - I never did find a use for the leather card holder, and the rock salt grater just isn't as handy as an ordinary (or not-so-ordinary - I have a one-handed magnetic one) salt mill. Perhaps I need to tidy the table so it can live there?
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