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While driving back from work today I spotted a gloriously large full moon just rising over the horizon, partially obscured by scattered clouds. Since I was driving I couldn't really pause and take photos, so once I'd got back to my flat off I set off with camera in search of lunar photos...

As an aside, taking night photos with the Panasonic is quite tricky due to the lack of an optical viewfinder. The electronic viewfinder is an early model and sucks in low light, not to mention having rubbish resolution. In some ways it was like using film again.

This was an attempt at trying to include the moonlit clouds and the outline of the horizon, which were quite clear to see. Unfortunately the camera has nothing like the dynamic range of the human eye - your choice is either an accurately exposed moon, or an accurately exposed sky with a massively overexposed moon (as you'll soon see).

After a bit I got bored, and decided to try my hand at something else I'd been meaning to experiment with. See, the place I'd picked with a clear view to the sky happened to be the middle of a footbridge over the busy M27...

Tags: nablopomo, night, photography

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