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A nifty feature and a Hyrule Warriors question

Today's nifty feature discovery is that the WiiU can take and upload screenshots. The nifty part is that you don't actually need Nintendo's tool to do so, nor is it limited to Facebook/Tumblr/Twitter.

Instead all you need to do is point the built-in web browser at the upload website of your choice, and when you browse for a file on the WiiU you get given a choice of the main screen or the gamepad screen. Pick one, and the WiiU uploads a JPEG of it. Simples!

This leads me to today's Hyrule Warriors question, which who is this and where (if anywhere) is the person in the middle from:

The context suggests that it's Ganondorf, as this particular image shows up in several cutscenes referring to him. But the art style of the fairy-like chap in the middle is like nothing else in the game. It puts me in mind of the Zelda cartoons or possibly the manga.

Ideas, anyone?
Tags: hyrule warriors, nablopomo, wii u, zelda

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