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Oh, now that was a surprise.

So I'd just beaten the Shining Beacon level in Hyrule Warriors, which ends the three levels in the Epilogue segment and so one would think it also ends the main campaign. And so it does... even though it's followed by a "you thought it was all over" cutscene, which could very well be nothing more than a sequel hook.

Except when you get back to the scenario list, there's a new scenario: Ganondorf's Return. Yes, the game continues (which is just as well as I'd been thinking that the campaign so far had been a bit short), and for a change you actually get to play as the villain himself. Fittingly the first level has you battle through hordes of minions to regain control of the Gerudo Desert, flattening everything in your path (Ganondorf definitely being one of the more overpowered characters).

I do like it when games show you the story from the other side. Probably the best example of this was Sonic Adventure 2, where the entire main story could be played from both the light and dark sides. Play as the light side and you thwart Eggman at (almost) every turn, or play as the Dark side and Eggman suddenly becomes scarily competent. In both cases the two threads intertwine with almost every level showing you how the story progresses from both sides. Finally the two story arcs feed neatly into the last arc where both factions team up to defeat a bigger bad, despite having ended with completely different winners and losers.

There's some other games that get close - Metroid Prime is always a good example for this, with the logbook scans showing the Space Pirates getting increasing panicked as you merrily waltz right through their base and out the other side. Not to mention Science Team's many amusing failures... to the point where one log outright states that "Science Team has vapour for brains".
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