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Having passed my test, today The Gnu and I headed off towards Lewes in search of a second-hand (or so) car for me. There's a garage that he's been using for ages so naturally we had a look there. What I was expecting to do was to look and see what Paul (the owner) has got in the showroom, poke around at one or two cars, and maybe not actually buy a car today but definitely have a chat with Paul about what he has got and what he can get soon (as I don't actually have a pressing need for a car, so I can wait for one I like rather than taking the first one I see).

Instead I put down the deposit today for a shiny '09-reg car, which should be ready in a couple of weeks once it's been serviced and had a MOT. It's a bit more than I was thinking of spending, and not the most practical choice for a first car... but at the same time it's not a bad choice and could work out very well. It's not even that expensive to insure - a quick check at compare the meerkat market gave similar prices to a 1.2l VW Polo or a 1.0l Nissan Pixo. Even an "is this a good first car" insurance checker says yes.

And besides, it's definitely the more fun choice of car :)

As to what car it actually is... well, I'm going to be cheeky and not say which one it is just yet. You'll just have to guess!
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