Thomas (boggyb) wrote,

Achievement unlocked

I've got over a month's worth of posts I've been meaning to submit once I finally finish off the holiday posts and get the photos off the 3DS (my laptop memory card reader doesn't understand SDHC cards - most annoying), but I can see I'm just never going to get round to submitting them in a remotely timely fashion. So instead I'll just backdate them when I get round to it. And in the meantime...

Achievement unlocked: driving practical test PASSED!

Despite stalling the car coming out of a junction, catching the kerb with the front left when parking at the side of the road, and guessing wrong when picking a lane on approach to a roundabout (wanted straight on, guessed right-hand lane, and found it was marked right only, so had to go all the way round), I only clocked up 3 faults and no fails. Go me!
Tags: driving, driving lessons

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