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What happens if you cross a gas main with a JCB?

I sem to be having a jwz-like moment here.

Okay, this morning I was meandering along to my logic lecture, and my route took me past the various diggings they've been doing recently. Sussex currently looks like part of a building site, as they are doing massive earthworks all around East Slope and for good measure are doing a minor bit of quarrying.

Anyway, they'd been digging some largeish (couple feet wide) channels across the roads near the boiler house. They'd done one road, and so were attacking the next one (it forms a T-junction). As I wandered past at aound 11:45 I heard a noise not unlike that of a blowtorch. I couldn't see down the hole easily, and so thought nothing of it.

Fast forward about 4 hours. I was heading this time to an AI seminar, and had gone back that way by a different toure t=for some reason or other. They now had done more digging, and had a bunch of signs up saying "No Smoking". And a bunch of yellow-jackets with "GAS" written on the back.

Plus I could now smell gas.


So I headed past on my way, noticing how there was now campus security and the poilce directing cars round (they'd cordoned off the area as best as they could), and a JCB doing some more digging near where the gas men were looking on. And I could still hear the blowtorch-sound.

There's an absence of men in space suits, so it's obviously not that bad. But still somewhat impressive.

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