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Where's the nendil E3 WOT WOT post? How am I supposed to know what's happening at E3 without all the picspam?

Anyway, I happened to be flicking through the 3DS eShop and spotted a collection of E3 trailers (under "Digital Event", whatever that is). Let's see... awesome, interesting, hmm, what?, hmm, awesome, awesome, cute overload, just plain fun, what?, lemmings!

Super Smash Bros.
How many characters are they going to have? This one looks to have a nice move set - both a counter and a range attack (which was sorely missing from Marth/Roy).

This one looks interesting. It's not entirely new - I think Skylanders uses similar technology though I don't know to what extent - but the integration looks to be well thought out. The trophies themselves look quite good and I know my inner Pokémon Trainer will want to collect 'em all.
It's particularly awesome if you know your Smash Bros history. Way back in the original N64 Super Smash Bros, the game was depicted as being from the imagination of a child playing with his toys (which does raise interesting questions about just what you're fighting when you battle Master Hand...). Melee then brought in the concept of (virtual) trophies, and even had a mode just to show them off. So it's quite fitting that you'll be able to take an actual physical trophy and have it appear in-game.

Xenoblade Chronicles
Hmm. The plot (such as the trailer shows) looks intriguing, but I've no idea what style of game it'll be. I tend to prefer action-adventure over classic RPGs and combo-heavy hack'n'slash games.

Mario Maker
What is this I don't even...
It's only a matter of time before the more vicious rom hacks appear on it...

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker
Eh, dunno about this one. Though you do get to ride a dragon...

Hyrule Warriors
Awesome! Plus you finally get to play as Zelda.

Bayonetta 2
I never played the original Bayonetta, but this sequel does look quite good. And is that Link making a cameo at the end?

Yoshi's Woolly World
Approximately, take Kirby's Epic Yarn and replace it with Yoshi. And turn the cuteness up to eleven, because Yoshi. With any luck it'll have the flair of original Yoshi's Island (which Yoshi's New Island for the 3DS was sadly lacking in).

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse
...and now we have a Kirby which looks more than a little like the classic Yoshi's Island with the various transformations. Hopefully this is every bit as fun as the last few Kirby's have been (I find that I don't mind that much when I've been splatted by a boss for the umpteenth time in those games, as I'm just having too much fun).

So... Quake, but with paintball miniguns, paintball bazookas, paintball grenades, paintball railguns, and an enormous paintball roller? Looks suitably bonkers.

Mario vs Donkey Kong
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