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So, while walking back from the bus station today I saw a cyclist heading along the pavement in front of me. He then stopped, looked around carefully, and then cycled into the road, turned right, and cycled up the road.

In the right-hand lane (for non-Brits, that's the fast lane) of a dual carriageway. Heading towards oncoming traffic.

What is it with some cyclists and the complete disregard for everyone else? There's the one I almost hit in yesterday's driving lesson because he decided to jump off the pavement into the road as I was about to pass him, the group of chavs who I discovered in the middle of the road round a tight corner later during the same lesson, and now today this utter numpty. Not to mention another cyclist I saw not a minute later who didn't bother waiting for the lights to change but took off as soon as the road was clear and then cut up another car on the exit from the roundabout.

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