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Hazel-rah over Watership Down

I didn't take any photos at all yesterday - it was one of those grey damp overcast days where you just look at the weather and give up on going out.

And then head out anyway to do some shopping, because you need a pint of milk. At least Tesco's is literally just across the road.

Anyway, today's photo. I picked this up from The Square Gallery in St. Mawes, when I visited Craig and Demelza late last year. It's a curious little shop tucked away in an arcade behind the main street, packed full of sculptures and paintings with barely any room to move around inside. A simple piece of stained glass caught my eye, and I bought it without any real idea of where to put it.

Today I finally got round to putting up the necessary fixing for it and hanging it up:

I was unsure about the frosted window at first, but it adds a nice texture to the otherwise flat glass. It should be nice in the morning with the sun coming through the window.

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