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Random ramblings

So, I'm back in Park Village after a weekend spent getting the laundry done at home and mucking around with a soldering iron. I was not amused to find out that someone had broken into the local laundrette on or about last wednesday, and as such they are closed until probably tuesday.

I also fixed my mouse (again!) and made up an audio cable (two 3.5mm jacks to an internal 4-pin sound card connector) which is now useless. Either there's too much resistance in the cable (or a short) for whatever reason, or the TAD input on the sound card has zero sensitivity.

With the mouse, the cable was shorting at the point where it entered the body of the mouse, so I chopped the offending bit out and resoldered it to the mess of the last attempt at fixing it. I'm probably better off making up a new cable from scratch, or finally chucking it (but it's an original IntelliMouse Explorer, so I rather like it).

Speaking of mice: a question for all you die-hard gamers out there. It's apparently possible to use two mice simultaneously with some games - any idea which games or how to achieve it? I'd guess that you make one mouse appear as a joystick, and bind the buttons/axes that way. It's two USB mice, one thru a USB-to-PS/2 adapter.

What else...? I got myself a bluetooth widget, and so proceded to while away time in lectures seeing who's been daft enough to leave their phone on discoverable (an extremely daft thing to do, as on a lot of phones you can snarf the data out, and if the victim's using a particular smart phone (e.g. Sony Ericsson P800/900) you can get full control over it). It's only got a piddly little 10m range on it, so I shall have to get a higher-powered one as well and leave the smaller one on my desktop. Bluejacking between buildings sounds fun - the victim won't have a clue who sent the message!

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