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3D tour round the back of Fareham

Today's random set of photos on a gloriously sunny afternoon (with the sort of light where everything looks just that little bit more bright and colourful) are from the well-hidden paths round the back of Fareham that I first discovered during last year's attempt at this. It's an unusual green space, wedged in between a housing estate to the southwest, the M27 to the north, and an industrial estate to the east.

For a change (and because I forgot to bring the Panasonic), these are all taken with the 3DS and hence are all 3D photos. For the best view, pull up this page in the 3DS' built-in browser and then tap the photos to open them on the top screen.

Several of the trees were covered in tiny white flowers - there's a close-up further on.

While the path here is well-defined, I've never seen anyone else in this area. It's almost completely obscured from the main path by a strip of trees to the right.

Here's a close-up of the white flowers, taken with 3D viewing in mind.

And a random sky photo, because I like random sky photos :)

After the grassy area the path disappears into a small wood. Again, this photo was taken with 3D viewing in mind.

And back into the open!

I spotted this small clump of purple and yellow flowers hidden to one side of the path.

Finally, the path disappears again into the undergrowth, before reappearing in the middle of the industrial estate.
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