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What to have at the end of a long driving lesson (and as an aside a simple PHP file browser)

What to have at the end of a long driving lesson (write-up to follow):

As an aside, because getting photos off of the 3DS is such a kerfuffle (exit game, switch off 3DS, remove memory card and stick in card reader, find .JPG, find corresponding .MPO, persuade Semagic to use the .MPO) I bashed out a noddy little file browser/uploader to stick on the NAS. The Internet is full of all-singing, all-dancing PHP file managers but seems to have a lack of simple little ones that just give a file list and an upload box. All in all, it took me under an hour using nothing more than notepad to write 80-odd lines of PHP that can display a file list, browse and create subdirectories, and upload files.

Edit: fixed unclosed <LABEL> tag and added HTML 5 doctype.

I can easily see others finding it useful, so here's the script. There's no configuration at all - just plonk it in a PHP file in whatever folder you want to use as the base and enjoy. There's also absolutely no protection against people doing Bad Stuff and so it's only suitable for internal use (like on a home NAS). As far as licensing goes, consider it licensed under 3-clause BSD (as being one of the more sane copyleft licenses).

It's been quite some time since I just sat down and bashed out a little program like that for myself. I hadn't realised quite how much I'd missed that sort of quick coding to make things just that little bit more convenient to use.
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