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Today's set of Windows 7 annoyances and how to deal with them

TweakUI refuses to install on Windows 7. So you can no longer use it to add custom search keywords for IE - instead you have to add them by hand in the registry, under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\SearchUrl. The format is each subkey is a different search with the key name containing the search keyword, the default value containing the query-string (with %s replaced by the search string), and then the other values in the subkey control character replacement.

To stop Windows automatically maximising windows just because you've dragged them to the top of the screen (which is not useful when I'm trying to move it out of the way to be able to see more than one window at a time), go to the "Ease of Access Center", pick "Make the mouse easier to use", and tick "Prevent windows from being automatically arranged when moved to the edge of the screen". Disabling that also lets you move windows slightly beyond the top of the screen.

The Ease of Access Center is also where you can disable the key shortcuts for things like Sticky Keys, and where the setting to always show keyboard accelerators has been hidden.

To disable ClearType (which doesn't work at all well with CRTs - yes, I know, I should replace them), go to the Display settings in Control Panel. Pick "Adjust ClearType text", untick "Turn on ClearType", and then hit Next until the wizard eventually disappears. Of course you then find that the default font looks blurry without ClearType, so to change that go to Control Panel, Personalization, Window Color, Advanced Appearance Settings, and change the font for everything to something sensible like Tahoma.

The My Documents icon has disappeared from the desktop, and instead has been replaced with a Documents icon. Despite what half the Internet thinks is something else entirely - instead of pointing at your My Documents folder, it is a link to the root of your user profile. Which for some bizarre reason now contains three My Documents folders. Fortunately the other half of the Internet has managed to come up with a way to restore it. Apply the registry changes from this post (I'm not going to tell you how, as if you don't know how then you shouldn't be poking around in the registry anyway :) and restart Explorer (click Start, hold Ctrl+Shift and right-click on some empty space, then pick Exit Explorer).

Getting the Quick Launch toolbar back is easy - just follow the instructions from the MS Knowledge Base.

Next challenge: getting my email back. Unfortunately Outlook Express doesn't like Windows 7 so restoring my email is a bit trickier, but the internets suggest that XP Mode can help here (and once that's going hopefully my setting restore trick will work)
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