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Computer upgrade

Since the afternoon was all grey and drizzly, I sat down and finally did the system upgrade to Windows 7 64-bit. It actually went very smoothly as I'd thought ahead and made sure to not only download all the drivers I might need, but place them on a disk that the new install would be able to see (I've been caught out by that in the past, where the driver I need for a something like a RAID controller is on the disk connected to that controller).

Of course, I will now spend the next year finding and installing all the various random software that I had on the previous system, and restoring little bits of configuration. Such is the way of computer upgrades.

I think the strangest thing about moving to a SSD-based system is not only how quiet it is but how constant the sound is as well. I've spent all my life with computers that mutter to themselves, from the "tock...tock...tock" of a floppy drive to the chattering of hard disks, so it's downright eerie the way this system makes the same quiet fan noise whether it's actually doing anything or not.

Oh, and I ended up picking Nyx as the name for the new install, as it is the successor to Khaos. Hopefully the new install will be less chaotic than Khaos was.
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