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So I got in today to find that my router was no longer on speaking terms with the rest of the world, and that the ADSL noise margin was going up and down like a yo-yo (I'm impressed that it even held on to a connection with -10dB noise margin). First step is to reset the router, at which point the noise margin stabilises but it still refuses to connect.

Then I remember that I'm being migrated from O2 to Sky and that they sent an email about some configuration changes that would need to be applied today. As I'm using a real email client and not webmail I can pull up the email... to discover that it contains a link to the settings which of course I can't use. Someone didn't think that through at all.

But I do have another Internet connection - a Vodafone 3G dongle that I bought many years ago. More importantly, the price plan it is on is £15 for 1GB of data that does not expire. I've only had to top it up maybe twice since getting it, and having the always-available data is extremely handy. So, fire up the laptop, plug it in, connect to Vodafone... and get presented with a top-up page. For a dongle that has upwards of £10 credit on it and so should be good for 700MB or so. WTF?

It turns out (after phoning up Vodafone to find out what's going on) that about 5 months ago everyone with a pay-as-you-go dongle was moved onto a new price plan, where you have to buy data in various-size packs that expire after 30 days. Given that I tend to use the dongle very infrequently, this move is extremely unhelpful. It probably means that every time I want to use it I'll have to top up with another £5 of data that I'm hardly going to use (current usage of the 250MB that I've just had to buy: less than 10MB). Seriously, WTF Vodafone? Your old price plan was actually useful, unlike this stupidity.

Right, who sells 3G dongles that have sensible data plans?
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