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3D photos: walk to Portchester

This'll be a bit of an experiment to see what LJ makes of MPO photos - hopefully it won't de-3D them.

As I've mentioned before, I picked up a 3DS over Christmas. And not only does it have a glasses-free 3D screen, but it also has two cameras on the outside allowing it to take 3D photos. It is a bit eerie the first time you fire up the camera app and see "through" the screen into the real world. Anyway, over the past couple of weekends I've been taking it with me and using it instead of my old Olympus C-3030 (which currently fails at metering in bright sunlight).

A quick note first: to actually view these photos in 3D you will need to visit this page using the 3DS web browser, by either copying the address or scanning the QR code above (which goes to the mobile version of this post). Once open in the browser, tap on a photo and it should open up on the top screen. You might also be able to view them with a 3D TV.

Anyway, photos. These are from Saturday last weekend, where I went for a walk from Fareham to Portchester (well, the first is from my flat, but the rest are from the walk)...

I can see possibilities with this...
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