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Networking tests [Saturday 8th March 2014 at 8:09 pm]

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So, Khaos has been fed new hardware, the dust bunnies have been evicted, and the drivers are now installed. Time to benchmark things!

First up, the networking. My highly unscientific benchmark consists of doing an online speed test and then transferring a 100MB file from the NAS (which has a gigabit connection to the router). I expect the online test to top out at maybe 16Mb/s, as the reported sync speed is only 17Mb/s, but who knows?

For reference, the full stats from the router are:

ADSL LinkDownstreamUpstream
Link Rate17646 Kbps1287 Kbps
Line Attenuation15.5 dB9.5 dB
Noise Margin4.9 dB6.9 dB

And now for the testing!

With the onboard 802.11g adapter (theoretical max speed 54Mb/s):

FTP file transfer from the NAS: 17.65Mb/s

With the shiny new 802.11n adapter in 2.4GHz mode (theoretical max speed 144Mb/s):

FTP file transfer from the NAS: 47.93Mb/s

With the shiny new 802.11n adapter in 5GHz mode (theoretical max speed 300Mb/s):

FTP file transfer from the NAS: 75.80Mb/s

So the result is that the internet is only slightly faster (I'm probably limited there by the ADSL connection), but local traffic is much faster. There's one more thing to try - currently, I'm using two antennas plugged directly into the back of the wifi card, so essentially the entire computer case is between the antenna and the access point. But I also have an external antenna on a short cable that was being used by the onboard wifi...

FTP file transfer from the NAS: 43.51Mb/s

I did not expect that result. I can only speculate as to what the cause might be - perhaps the other antenna isn't optimised for the 5GHz band? Or possibly the multiple-stream stuff only works if the antennas are located close together. Weird.
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