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The day of Accomplishing Things!

Today has been a day of Accomplishing Things!

Let's see...

  • Had a successful meeting relating to Plan boggyb-has-no-idea-what-his-plans-are (I still have no idea what my plans are).
  • Deposited a surprise cheque from Inland Revenue (for all of £14 or so - meh, I'll spend it on shiny stuff).
  • Arranged a meeting to migrate bank account "Rainy day" into something that pays more than 0.1% interest.
  • Actually migrated bank account "Seriously, this one still exists?" into a more useful form which I shall now call "In case of fail".
  • Finally fixed my online banking (protip: don't register with an email address that then stops working).
  • Picked up Brandon Sanderson's Words of Radiance which actually arrived in the store a week ago, but I wasn't allowed to collect until today.
  • Booked my first driving lesson!
  • Went "Um, um, um, that one!" and spent money on finally upgrading Khaos to something vaguely recent (this is the first real upgrade since I built it way back in 2007).
  • And did a bit of shopping.

For the computer upgrade, I'm getting Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, a 256GB Plextor M5S SSD, and a TP-Link dual-band 300Mbps wi-fi card (using wired networking just isn't practical in my flat, and since I've got a shiny new wi-fi router I may as well make use of it). I think there's just enough space inside Khaos to squeeze everything in - it's a well-stocked system and tightly packed despite the large case. Since this is a new OS install it'll be getting a new name as well - suggestions on the back of a postcard in a LJ comment!

Tags: computing, khaos, money, real life

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