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Shiny stuff!

Anyway, enough incomprehensible rambling about computers! Time instead to post pictures of shinyness!

See, way back in April last year I spotted in an email from Nintendo that a bunch of my stars/points/whatever that you get for buying games were going to expire, and I thought that rather than just letting them evaporate (as I've done with most of them) I may as well actually spend the virtual not-money on something. So I spent a chunk of stars and a couple of weeks later this turned up:

Yes, it's two sets of Mario post-its. I should really start using them at work to see everyone's reaction :)

Fast-forward until last week and I had another chunk of stars about to expire. Plus having bought that 3DS the total balance was looking pretty healthy so I browsed through the catalog, looked a few items, and eventually decided to splurge almost my entire not-money balance on more shinyness:

It is indeed an awesome soundtrack. Though I should confess that I've not actually played Super Mario Galaxy - I've spotted it in GAME once or twice but it never really called to me. That said, I've generally heard good things about it (did someone on LJ recommend it to me once - perhaps nendil?), so perhaps I should pick it up - Wii games should be relatively cheap these days. But then again I've still got one two three Zelda games (re-run of SS, first time playthrough of ALttP, and then ALBW) waiting to be finished...

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