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Redundant network connectivity systems

Oh, fun. Windows thinks the modem's died.

I was connected to keysurf through it (an old isa RealModem™ - specifically, a Diamon SupraExpress 56spi), when it got bored of sending packets. The link stayed, but nothing was heading over it. So I did the usual thing (having seen this a couple of times before with keysurf), which is tell it to disconnect, and reconnect when the fuss dies down.

Erm, I said disconnect, not sit there doing nothing. Even MSN got the hint and signed out, so why can't the blasted thing disconnect?

Pulled out the phone line, and after a bit the modem realises that it's talking to nothing and drops the connection.

Plugged it back in, and tried to dial back out only to be met by windows informing me that it had gone AWOL.

No it hasn't you silly computer, it's still in the case and plugged in. And it hasn't been fried by a lightning strike, as the rest of the computer still works.

Did some more digging with device manager and discovered that windows claims that "This device is no longer functioning properly and may need to be replaced".

So, in the spirit of true geekiness, I plugged the phone line into the *other* modem (a winmodem that I haven't got round to removing yet) and redialed. Yay for redundant systems! (and I've still got two more that could be used - the one in the laptop, and the PC Card one for the old laptop)

I know it's probably still working and windows is probably just lying (sp?) to me, but it's still annoying as it'll need a reboot to clear up and this beast takes forever to start.

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