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It never ceases to amaze me just how many different ways people find of taking something that is a long-solved problem (like, to pick a not-random-at-all-example, a search function in a website's help section - which is what, SELECT * FROM help_table WHERE MATCH (help_text) AGAINST ("whatever") with a dozen lines of PHP to display the results?) and breaking it.

Usually by replacing whatever it was that worked with Javascript. Shiny new modern Javascript that only works reliably in this week's Google Chrome and whatever version Firefox is up to. And maybe Safari or Opera if you're lucky.

Oh, and then remove the non-Javascript fallback so you're totally screwed if you try to use anything else. It's not like anything other than Chrome or Firefox actually exists, right? Haha. Because no-one ever actually uses things like the Symbian S60 browser, the Kindle browser, the Wii browser, the Nintendo 3DS browser, the PlayStation browser (let alone Android or iOS).

I don't know, maybe I should just switch to Firefox or Chrome and just cope with the loss of nice system integration that IE has. And the loss of sane HTTPS error-handling. And the fact that all the key commands are subtly different.

Or I could just find a different website to use. Decisions, decisions...
Tags: fail, rant

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