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Fareham floods [Thursday 16th January 2014 at 9:34 pm]

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[Where |Fareham creek]
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[Playing |The Dogs ~ Moby/Innocents]

I mentioned the recent floods to Craig the other day, and he demanded that I post the photos I'd taken of the floods in Fareham. Well, here they are! These were taken way back on the 4th of January, at high tide. It should be noted that the tide on the 3rd was higher, by a good few inches (as the tide gauge in nearby Portsmouth shows), and that spooked the Environment Agency enough to phone my flat with a recorded flood warning (presumably they called all houses in the at-risk area as I've never registered for warnings). Unfortunately I don't have any photos from the 3rd as I didn't get back to Fareham until the afternoon after the tide had fallen somewhat.

50° 50.992' N 1° 10.580' W This is the entrance to one of the marinas. Note that the edge of the car park is underwater.

50° 50.920' N 1° 10.757' W The twigs here show how hide the tide reached on the previous day

No, these aren't underwater lights, but rather reflections of the main subway lights. The subway itself is off the top-right corner of the previous photo, where the person in the red jacket is going. This is genuine flooding by the way - if you look on Google Earth you'll spot a stream running parallel to this subway, which goes underneath the edge of the road in the photo above and drains more-or-less underneath the red lifebelt box.

50° 50.861' N 1° 10.734' W And now you get an idea of just how high "high" is. Underneath the water is a road that is normally easily above sea level, with a slipway off to the left somewhere underneath the reflection of Trafalgar Yacht Services. While taking these photos a local couple appeared and showed me a couple of photos from the previous day (remember, the highest astronomical tide of the year was actually on the 3rd). In those, the water was up to the edge of the shopfront.

They also had a photo to match this one. While in mine the carpark is still there, in theirs it was entirely underwater! Just the concrete edging at the top of the photo was visible above the surface.

Here's another photo of the same area, taken from the other side:
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