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The cake will not be a lie

Have I Got News For You is on form tonight - they've just shown an excellent example of why trying to fit four headlines in a single tweet is an amusingly bad idea...

Anyway, what was I going to post about? Ah yes, cake!

My mum posted a yoghurt cake recipe a while back on A Letter From Home and I had a go at making it when I was last in Horsham. It came out rather well, so I've picked up the necessary ingredients and am having another go!

I'm making apple and blackcurrant cake using a blackcurrant yoghurt and two peeled, cored and sliced apples. I've followed the recipe mostly as posted, except I've only used one pot of sugar as the yoghurt is a sweetish one. It's currently in the oven and I'll find out in a while how successful it is. There's a trick to telling if it's ready: poke it with something. If your poking-thing comes out gooey, then it needs a bit longer in the oven.
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