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Karting & Thanksgiving

So what all happened yesterday, and why was that such a small update?

Well, the first part of the day was a karting outing with some friends down at Lancing (which Teamsport claim is actually Brighton, despite being on the other side of Shoreham-by-Sea), to, as Jonners' put it, "get some exercise that involves sitting down". It's a rather fast indoor track in a figure-eight pattern full of long straights and hairpin bends. Unfortunately being in an old warehouse it's also incredibly bumpy and a day later I'm definitely feeling a bit achy from it.

The lap time record for the track is 31.2 seconds or so but to do that you really need to know the track inside-out. Jonners managed a 34.9 in the first session with Craig a tenth slower, and I was down at 37.9 - I've been karting less than them, and they're also taking the corners much more aggressively. Or a little too aggressively in Jonners' case, when he misjudged the turn heading out from under the bridge and bashed the tire wall rather hard.

The second session was more interesting. I found over a second of lap time through braking later in the start/finish straight (and there's probably more time available there - it's a surprisingly forgiving corner with a lot of runoff) and powering *down* the ramp for the bridge, while Jonners found 4 tenths that Craig somehow managed to lose. However the fourth member of our group went from a 37.2 to a 35.4 and ended up placing 2nd!

After the karting it was off to Jonners' Thanksgiving party, wherein many friends gathered in search of turkey (hence yesterday's post). There were many good friends and plenty of good food, and we all spent many hours generally nattering and eating. And yes, in the middle of it all I remembered NaBloPoMo and found enough of a phone signal to make that post so at least talismancer couldn't complain about a total lack of updates.

Eventually the day ended in the wee hours of the morning with a few rounds of Motor Storm on the PS3 where I made up for the earlier karting loss by handily beating everyone (except the AIs, but they actually know where to go). At least at first, until first Jonners managed a photo finish and then Craig eventually caught up. Their excuse for why it took so long was because it's not Burnout 2, which Craig claims he can win while playing with his feet (and one day I shall challenge him to that).
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