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A not-so-random quiz

Let's see... what else haven't I posted yet?

I know! A not-so-random quiz!

Poll #1944272 How do you read this journal?

I read this journal

On this LiveJournal friends page
Via some sort of cloud reader (e.g. Feedly)
Via a private feed reader (e.g. desktop program)
By visiting it frequently
By visiting it infrequently
Through some other means (do tell)
I don't read it

Given the lack of responses on the previous poll and the general lack of posts from older accounts on my flist these days, I have been wondering how many people still read this (or, for that matter, still use LiveJournal). Hence the question. I've also been toying with putting together my own simple stats-gathering trickery (nothing on the scale of Google Analytics, mind), so it'll be interesting to see how that matches up with the poll results.
Tags: meta, nablopomo, poll

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