Thomas (boggyb) wrote,

Skyward Sword 2013: en route to temple 3

Ah, Lanayru desert. The land of quicksand, electrifying enemies (zap! ouch!), and weird questions regarding time.

While it is tempting to go mano-a-mano with the Technoblins (which according to Fi are rather snazzy dressers), they have an unfair advantage in that their swords are a) electrified and b) have insulated hilts. My Goddess Sword is neither. Hence it's much easier to just splat them with a Skyward Strike from just outside the timeshifted zone, where they can't reach me.

They've also got a tad more health than your average Bokoblin and are the first random encounter enemy that actually needs two Skyward Strikes to deal with.

And now the third temple is revealed as being the Temple of Time. Except someone (yes, I'm looking at you, Mysterious Sheikah) decided to blow up the entrance which means that I have to go the long way round. As I recall, this involves searching the desert for three pieces of a key with at least one mini-dungeon involved, then an um... mine cart ride where you have to simultaneously fight off enemies and trigger Timeshift Stones? Or was that later on? Meh, I'll find out.

The timeshifted stones are an interesting concept, but the way the time manipulation works with them is curious, to say the least. Especially the way they create a sort of spherical window into the past that Link can pass through unscathed but anything else that moves through the boundary transforms into the alternate state (e.g. a cart transforms from an old rusted heap to a shiny new hover-cart). But it's ten minutes to midnight, and so I'll save musings on Skyward Sword's time travel for another post.
Tags: nablopomo, skyward sword, zelda

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